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Programs, Products and Services

Programs, products and services are the organization’s output – or how you actually set out to achieve your mission and vision. There are often many ways to achieve an organization’s mission, and it is the uniqueness of your approach that sets your business or organization apart from others. In general, program development includes considering the goal of your programs, products or services, and how they align with and achieve your mission. It also includes developing any policies or systems needed to implement them, and being able to describe exactly how they work. Importantly, all customers and clients – as well as all internal team members, including leadership members – should be able to clearly and easily understand what is available to them and how to get it. 

Build & Create

In this section, you can start building (or reviewing) your own business or organization by going over your program, products and/or services outlines and descriptions. You can also use the Integrity Check and Knowledge Review to make sure you’ve gotten down the basics.

Step 1: Program, Products and Services Outlines

Review or complete the Programs, Products and Services (PPS) worksheet for each of your programs or services. 

PPS Worksheet

Integrity Check

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