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About Organizing With Integrity

Organizing With Integrity is an education and consulting program from All People Thriving. It’s designed to empower organization leaders and stakeholders with tools and information to build and create happy, healthy, thriving businesses that achieve their missions and promote empowerment, diversity, accessibility and inclusion for all people involved.

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Who Is It For?

Organizing With  Integrity is for everyone who wants to learn more about building happy and healthy businesses and organizations. It’s also envisioned for use by:

  • Entrepreneurs and founders starting small businesses, new programs, or nonprofits;
  • Nonprofit board members and LLC partners;
  • CEOs, Executive Directors, Board Presidents and other key organization leaders;
  • Donors, staff and volunteers; and
  • Consultants.

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About All People Thriving

All People Thriving is a platform for research, education, consulting and advocacy dedicated to empowering all people to reach their own unique highest and fullest potential. 

Our mission is to empower all people in the United States of America to fully thrive by utilizing the Integrity Model and Human/Person-First Lens to conduct research and analysis; providing trauma-informed, empowerment-based education and training; offering consulting services for businesses, groups, nonprofits and government agencies based on organization best practices from a variety of industries and fields; and developing, promoting and advocating for human centered policies and systems. We believe promoting individual empowerment, institutional integrity, and human centered policies, systems and laws leads to a world where all people are truly thriving.

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What Sets Organizing With Integrity Apart?

Ingredients for Success!

We know that businesses and organizations achieve success when they know about, understand, and have all the right pieces in place! We help businesses and organizations put these pieces together and present them in their Operations Manual/Business Plan and Dash-Based Website – two of the main ingredients for success.

Integrity Check

We recognize that nearly problems in businesses and organizations are related to missing or misaligned organization components. Our Integrity Check can be used to help organizations get started – or get back on – the right track!

Mission and Vision Focused

As a program of All People Thriving, Organizing With Integrity’s mission is to empower businesses and organizations to define and reach their own unique highest and fullest potential – and to create working environments where all people involved are empowered, happy, successful and thriving, too! Ultimately, we envision a world where people go to work or become a part of businesses and organizations  – not because they have to – but because they want to!